Child Custody

Although part of marital and family law, because the best interests of children is paramount, we highlight it as a separate practice area. Whether it is an initial establishment of timesharing and parental responsibility or a modification or relocation, we can help. Consult with a child custody attorney by calling us today.

Marriage, Family and Divorce

Whether it is performing a civil marriage ceremony, assisting in a prenuptial agreement or advising and counseling during the difficult moment of divorce, we can assist you.


Years ago many people did not even know what foreclosure really meant. Today, not only is it a frequent topic on the news, but it is something that “everyone knows someone” who has faced foreclosure. Our firm is unique in that we offer “flat fee” foreclosure defense for different levels of representation. Your foreclosure defense does not have to cost a fortune. Don’t go down without a fight. Call now and speak to a foreclosure defense attorney.

Corporate Business and Non-Profit Law

We can walk you through the process of starting your own business, creating a corporate structure or closing on the purchase of an existing business. We provide legal advice and a real-world business perspective.

Church Law – 501c3


Sometimes a case is not over, just because the trial court ruled. We can review your case and advise if an appeal is appropriate. Consult with an appellate attorney by calling us today.

Criminal Law

From DUI, shoplifting, theft, and burglary. We are here for your needs.