To fight, or not to fight? That is the question

Many homeowners ask themselves whether it is worth fighting the bank in foreclosure.  My answer is, “ALWAYS!”

Why?  Because the burden is on the bank to prove they have the right to foreclose.  Why?   Because defending can give you options–from modifications to short sales.  Why?  Because we can negotiate “cash for keys.”  Why?  Because we identify possible fraud by the banks that could result in final judgment in your favor.  Why?  Because as long as you are the owner, it is your property and you are entitled to receive the benefits from it–whether it is the home you live in or it is rented to tenants.

During your consultation, ask us to discuss how we have won foreclosure cases over the last few years.  And while no two cases are alike, we can look at your case and discuss what we can do for you.