Years ago many people did not even know what foreclosure really meant.  Today, not only is it a frequent topic on the news, but it is something that “everyone knows someone” who has faced foreclosure.  Our firm is unique in that we offer “flat fee” foreclosure defense for different levels of representation.  If you are in need of a foreclosure defense attorney, call us now.

Whether you are in need of general advice or want an experienced attorney to handle your mortgage modification or short sale, you can call us.

In foreclosure cases, different clients and different cases call for different levels of representation.  Our firm offers flat-fee representation in foreclosure defense cases, depending on the client’s legal needs.


Some of the foreclosure-related areas we can assist with are:

  • Mortgage modification
  • Bank foreclosure defense
  • Association foreclosure defense
  • Cancellation of foreclosure sale
  • Short sale
  • Cash for keys
  • Foreclosure appeals
  • Title search and examination for foreclosure auction purchase
  • Real estate closing