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Can I Stop A Foreclosure Sale After Final Judgment?

The answer to that question is a resounding YES! Many homeowners live in fear of losing their homes and don’t know the options available to them, ones that can include saving their homes from a foreclosure sale. As a result, many homeowners avoid taking action against impending foreclosures. What many homeowners are intimidated into forgetting […]

Get Educated

General Court Information Clerk of Court:  The Clerk of Court is the office responsible for maintaining the court files.  Each county has its own clerk and websites differ, but there you can find the address to the courthouse, information about your case, public records search and information on the judges’ calendar.  Find the Clerk of […]

Divorce is All About PEACE

You’ve decided to get a divorce. It’s painful, stressful and can be overwhelming. Make the most out of your first consultation with your attorney by using this 5-point guide to prepare and organize your thoughts and to make sure you don’t forget anything. P is for Parental Responsibility and Timesharing If you have a minor […]